Leading Distributor of Carbon Steel PipePipe and Structural Tubular Products

Pipe and Structural Tubular Products

We cater to a diverse range of industries, including construction (casing, piling, bollards), sign & outdoor advertising, steel fabrication, steel service centers, water works supply companies, OEM, school, park departments, and more. We're committed to providing quality products and on time deliveries at competitive prices.

Carbon Steel Pipe & Tube

Carbon Steel Pipe and Tube

Our inventory of over 10,000 tons ranges in sizes from 1"-48" OD with walls up to 2" in some sizes. Larger sizes are made to order.

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Sign Poles & Support Structures

Sign Poles and Support Structures

Our knowledgeable sales staff over 100 years of combined experience in the design assistance and sales of sign poles.

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Bollards, Bumper Posts & Guard Posts

Bollards, Bumper Posts and Guard Posts

We offer a wide variety of bollard products that can be coated to your specifications.

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Billboard & Scoreboard Support Structures

Billboard and Scoreboard Support Structures

We can build your billboard or scoreboard support structure with the engineering that you provide, or we can assist with the design process.

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Steel Casing, Piling, Caissons & Spuds

Steel Casing, Piling, Caissons and Spuds

We carry casing pipe in 3"-48" diameters with walls up to 1" thick.

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Steel Netting Poles, Dugouts & Shelters

Steel Netting Poles, Dugouts and Shelters

For the past several years, we have been fabricating and supplying many products used by school districts, colleges, universities, and park & recreation departments.

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Eagle TubularValue Added Services

Our fabrication and finishing department ensures your final product is perfect with in-house finishing services. With industry certifications, our skilled team takes pride in producing exceptional products and going the extra mile to EARN YOUR BUSINESS!

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Torch Cutting

Saw & Torch Cutting

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Our promise is to offer high-quality steel tubular products on schedule with cost-effective solutions. We help clients in a wide range of industries and applications including construction, sign and outdoor advertising, steel service centers, school and parks departments, OEMs, and more.

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