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Cutting Services

We offer different levels of cutting services in order to best complete your project according to your requirements.

Saw Cutting

We have 3 production band saws that cut through 16" OD. Miter cutting is available through 12.75" pipe and 12" square tubing. We offer quick turn around times on saw cutting orders.

Mechanical Torch Cutting & Beveling

For larger diameter pipe up to 84" OD, we offer precision cutting and beveling with our mechanical track torch.

Plate Cutting

For more efficient and accurate plate cutting, we recently added a Hypertherm HPR260XD plasma cutting system. Your plate parts can be cut using our inventory, or from plate that you provide. All parts are nested and programmed for maximum utilization of the plate. 

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Cutting Services

Our Finishing ServicesCutting

Our machines provide accurate and consistent cuts.

Our Services:

  • Saw Cutting
  • Torch Cutting
  • Beveling
  • Plate Cutting

Eagle TubularOther Finishing Services

Our fabrication and finishing department ensures your final product is perfect with in-house finishing services. With industry certifications, our skilled team takes pride in producing exceptional products and going the extra mile to EARN YOUR BUSINESS!

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