Our Quality ProductsBollard, Bumper, and Guard Posts

Bollard, Bumper, and Guard Posts

Eagle Tubular Products has been manufacturing and supplying quality bollard products since we opened our doors in 1998. We offer a wide variety of bollard products including stationary “embedded” or “plate mounted” bollards, stationary or removable bollard systems, and custom bollard and barrier solutions. Our bollards are available in a variety of pipe sizes, lengths and wall thicknesses.

The most common bollard sizes are 4", 6", and 8" Schedule 40, but we also stock lighter and heavier wall pipe, and in sizes up to 12”. You can choose from our standard products or we can fabricate per your specifications. All welding and fabrication in our facility is performed by AWSD.1.1 Certified Welders.

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Our Quality ProductsBollard Styles

We offer a wide variety of bollard products that can be coated to your specifications.


  • Stationary
  • Embedded
  • Removable 
  • Machinery Guards
  • Decorative 


  • 3” (3.5” OD)
  • 4” (4.5” OD)
  • 6” (6.625” OD)
  • 8” (8.625” OD) 
  • 10” (10.75” OD)
  • 12" {12.75"OD)

Surface Finishes & HDPE Bollard Covers

All of our bollard, bumper, and guard posts can be primed, painted, galvanized, or powder coated with our finishing services. We also supply maintenance- free HPDE bollard covers in a variety of sizes, colors, and lengths.

Eagle TubularValue Added Services

Our fabrication and finishing department ensures your final product is perfect with in-house finishing services. With industry certifications, our skilled team takes pride in producing exceptional products and going the extra mile to EARN YOUR BUSINESS!

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